Some of us were strangers, some of us long time friends, but we knew it was time to do what we could to help put a stop to the opioid epidemic plaguing our city. So a call to action in early May of 2017 was made to "Get The H Out Of Wilmington" and Mook, Pete, and Lee got involved. A Facebook Group page to  create awareness called Get The H Out Of Wilmington went live with tremendous attention and shortly thereafter, with over 3,00 members strong, the non-profit Heart Of Wilmington was formed. 


Lee Hauser Jr Marketing Director, Media Coordinator Lee@HeartofWilmington.org

A UNCW Alumnus with a supportive wife, Lee is also a father of 2 boys, and an owner of a small business in Historic Downtown Wilmington. He doesn't want to see the city he loves and raises his children in continue to normalize the epidemic with the stigma it holds as "not my problem". It is everyone's problem and he's here to help and generate awareness as Media Coordinator and Marketing Director.

Pete Nemmers Operations Manager Pete@HeartofWilmington.org

Pete Nemmers is the Operations Officer and co-founder of Nonprofit Heart of Wilmington. Pete specializes in ensuring the day-to-day operations of the organization run smoothly. Pete’s approach is to work with community members, other local non-profits, as well as recovery and rehabilitation centers to tap into the knowledge and wisdom they already possess, to help the flow of communication and resources.

Mook Cahill CEO, President Mook@HeartOfWilmington.org

Michael "Mook" Cahill was born and raised in Wilmington, NC. After graduating from Laney he enrolled at UNCW where he completed undergraduate degrees in International Business and Spanish. Having spent time abroad in Ecuador and not really knowing what to do after college, he moved back to South America for another stint of living the simple life -- teaching English/SAT Prep in the morning and bartending at night. An opportunity to move back to WIlmington to begin the MBA program at UNCW was greeted with open arms, and a few years later he had obtained his Master's in Business. Throughout school he worked at a local company called Dry Corp known for their waterproof products. Shortly after earning an MBA he sought a change of pace and began employment at Filmwerks International, another local company that specializes in all of the background production for live broadcast events on television (think Super Bowl, Olympics, etc). Mook, while continuing to fill the role of logistician at Filmwerks, has welcomed the challenges of starting a non-profit that he hopes will become the central focus of his career path as the company continues to blossom.